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 How to take and post a Screenshot on the Forums *TUT*

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PostSubject: How to take and post a Screenshot on the Forums *TUT*   Mon May 17, 2010 5:54 pm

This is my Tutorial on how to post your screenshots on to the forums.

Step 1. Open up paint.
Step 2. Find the "Print Screen" Key, it's next to scroll lock and pause slash break
Step 3. Find the right picture and hit print screen
Step 4. Go to paint and find the rectangle
Step 5. Click it and drag a rectangle out *Doesn't matter on the size*
Step 6. Right click and hit paste
Step 7. *Optional* Edit anything
Congrats you know how to take a successful screen shot.

Now here's how you post them on to the forums.
Step 1. Take the Screenshot
Step 2. Save the file as whatever you want
Step 3. Find a image hosting site. *I Recommend photobucket Click on photobucket*
Step 4. Make or sign in on your account.
Step 5. Find upload
Step 6. Upload your picture
Step 7. Now go to your topic on whatever you need that requires a image, and look for the BBCODE "Insert Image"
Step 8. Go to the photobucket click on the uploaded picture and look for the URL to the picture
Step 9. Copy and paste the image on to the "Insert Image" BBCODE
Step 10. Finish up your post
And that's how you upload a screenshot onto the site. I hope you liked it.
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XxGus SniperxX
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G.U.S.Original Member

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PostSubject: Re: How to take and post a Screenshot on the Forums *TUT*   Tue May 18, 2010 5:20 pm

Mowel31 wrote:
I hope you liked it.
I hated it. Lol, just kidding nice job 4.5/5
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How to take and post a Screenshot on the Forums *TUT*
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